The THORT Effect offers a supportive space where you can re-imagine your world.  

Tap into THORT agility and go beyond the ordinary. Design your best possible future in a world where we all thrive and grow. Begin today with just one step:

  • Take just 3 minutes to refresh your mind and body and rebuild resilience.
  • Or, choose a Smart THORT Workout for insights that help you to navigate past a tricky dilemma.

Want something else out of life? Feeling stuck? Overlooked? What’s the issue?

You have a goal in mind but you keep stumbling over obstacles and can’t find a way to change things? Maybe its time to go beyond your habit and do a THORT  S-t-r-e-t-c-h to help you build clarity and new insights into a specific challenge!

We all have a primal need to connect and communicate with others, and together we can achieve so more than we can alone. When you talk about something and share it with another, it becomes more real and you and can prompt new insights you would not have on your own.

Join our THORTspace for a safe and enriched space that promotes brain-smart insights.




Build new BrainSmart insights here.

Join THORT Space and upgrade your mental blueprint to align it with shifting realities of the 21 century. Tap into your underused potential with a whole-brain scan of your challenge and environment. Then, Self-Coach, using our tools and Smart Sheets, or let us partner you as you transition towards your goals.


THORT Space makes online and distance coaching come alive. Our interactive THORT workouts, animated clips, and video chat promote easy connection from different locations.

Do you want something different out of life, but you keep stumbling over obstacles and lose direction?  Maybe its time to join us for a BrainSmart S-T-R-E-C-H to build greater clarity and insight!

We look forward to meeting you in THORT Space.


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About Inclusive Leadership

About THORT Space

THORT’s Strategic System is aligned with a 21 century focus, to help you navigate today’s challenging uncertainty with effective insight, resilience and innovation.  Tap into the new possibilities in our changing world and make smart sustainable choices and thrive.

We live most days at a relentless pace and the Ashbridge Report predicts that this accelerated change will continue for the next 30 years. This will bring greater complexity, uncertainty – and of course, the potential for stress overload. This calls for a skills-upgrade and more adaptive mental habits if we are to tap the opportunities of this century and to anticipate the challenges as they arise.

We partner you in THORT space, using a 21 century mental lens to navigate this dynamic uncertainty, based on the latest neuroscience and physiology research.

THORT workouts, animations and tools build insights and new levels of mindful awareness.  You focus your energy on getting on the right track, while we guide you through the most effective processes to help you reach your goal.  Fast.

More about my Vision Aim and Process …


Jung’s said that … We need to continually change the language and form we use to describe our time, so that it best reflects its new spirit and focus. We do this using BrainSmart Workouts, accompanied by Smart Sheets and metaphors that translate the seeming ‘neuro-babble’ and complexity of neuroscience into familiar and memorable language and forms. This means that you stay focused on working towards your goal, and are guided by the most effective tools and strategies to get you there fast.

No fuss, no neuro-babble, just smart decision-making for sustainable results.


The changing role of women and men

Both women and men are redefining their roles in the 21st century. With the 4th industrial revolution on hand,  the fast paced, ongoing changes in technology, global business and the way we communicate today, means that we all need to redefine the way we choose to live in this world.


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Do the 7-Day Stretch

What something different out of life?

Feeling overwhelmed? Frustrated? Stuck? What is the issue?

Login to THORT Space and take a brain-smart view of the challenge.

Step 1: Dream big!

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You keep stumbling over obstacles but can’t find a way to change things? Go beyond your habit and do the BrainSmart S-T-R-E-C-H, to build  greater clarity and new insights!

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